Monday, 8 June 2015

Borderline Press Blog #33 - What 'Hiatus' Means.

Just a quickie as it appears that my last blog alerted people to the fact that Borderline Press has ceased to exist, which is clearly not correct. The publisher who produced Paul Rainey's latest opus didn't produce anything for nearly two years, but I suppose because Paul Gravett didn't tell people he was taking a 'no cash in the bank' break no one presumed he'd packed up.

Borderline Press might never produce another book; but it plans to. I just needed (and need) to get my own house in order and, you know, I thought by keeping people in the loop I wouldn't have to constantly tell people. If problems mean that it's 18 months between releases, that's still better than some of my competition. I just needed people to be aware that books they were waiting for were going to be late, or done by another publisher.

We're in the process of generating money after the continuous Diamond cock-ups (let me tell you, being treated like the idiot cousin does have consequences, especially when you get dropped for a conglomerate who pretty much don't need extra pages of advertising) and I'm trying to get Santa scheduled (but Diamond's unreliability means having to make tough decisions about soliciting it - it's been bumped twice now). Treating yourself to a good book at a good discount can help us out, big time.

So if you haven't got all our books you can for 50% off from our web shop, that's about 50% less than you'll pay in the half dozen comic shops with progressive owners/managers who can spot a good thing when it bites them on the arse.

So anyone who picked up on the last blog wrongly, I have a simple message for you: I'm down, but I'm not out.

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