Sunday, 8 March 2015

Borderline Press Blog #30 Brief Update

Down time continues. It might not have been so quiet if Diamond had remembered to list Fanfare books in February. It's great when an unreliable group of people are pretty much responsible for the success or failure of small businesses. I'm betting someone, somewhere, in their hierachy gets massively priapic a lot of times...

We missed out on a deal to do Rachael Smith's The Rabbit, whoever gets it will be blessed with a quality product that will sell a lot.

We did sign up Lyndon White's Sparks and it fits in perfectly well with our other books.

The Happy Ghetto is nearing completion. I have the proof of Lord and Kathryn Briggs has done some extra bits for story(cycle).

Still looking for a part time job to fill the boredom of the days when nothing happens.

More soon.

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