Friday, 7 March 2014

Borderline Blog #14 - Of Pigeons, Holes and Hong Kong

February was a quiet month. After the last blog's determination, the rest of last month was pretty much an anti-climax...

The Free Comic for FCBD didn't go to the printer. It probably will in the next few days, it's just had the urgency taken out of it as it can now be turned round in a week, so I've been tweaking it, updating it, changing it and generally trying to make it the dog's testicles to impress all the people who will see it.

The latest anthology didn't go to the printer like I said it would. In fact, this has been stymied by the loss of a number of strips to the point where I've had to rethink the entire project. One thing is for sure, it won't be much like how it was planned. This is due to the printer now at the end of this month, along with Verity Fair. I really wanted both of them to be available for Bristol - going there with 7 titles would have been much better than going with 5.

Hunger House and City of Crocodiles will be loaded onto a boat from a wee island near China in the next few days.

The end of February saw us take delivery of Zombies Can't Swim, I'm really excited about this little book, because its compact and has come out far better than I could have hoped - Berforts did a good job on the printing... The fact that our current score is Zombies 2 Fantasy Autobiography 1 should not in any way make people think we just do zombie books. I promise, this will be the last of the walking dead you will be exposed to for a good while (or will it?). We also don't just do ... Polish, Swedish or European comics. Terry Wiley probably considers himself a European, but he's from Tyneside so he's also a Brit. One potential reviewer said last week, "that's a diverse mix of books you have planned," and I like to think that's because Borderline Press wants to simply publish good stuff.

Don't forget to look out for the Free Comic and if your LCS owner doesn't have it, berate him about it! He should be on our list! If you're in or about Northampton on May 3rd, pop into Close Encounters for our books launch.

Oh and there's this:

Enjoy the spring!

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